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  • Members Convention
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  • Board of Directors
    The Board has 35 directors and 11 standぬby directors elected in the Members Convention. The Board meets every three months but special meetings can be held when necessary. In order to ensure that member hospitals of different levels are fully represented and to promote cooperation and unity, there are four director seats guaranteed for each level and one seat reserved for individual members. Board members are decided by the number of votes they receive in the election, titled “the Election for the Directors of the Execution Committee and Supervising Committee.” The Board of Directors will elect 11 standing directors among themselves, from whom one will be elected as the chairman of the board and president of the association. The president represents the Association and chairs meetings. The president has the power to nominate a vice president from the standing directors to deputize for him/her when necessary, but the period of deputizing should not exceed one year, or else a reぬelection of the president will be warranted. The board of directors may propose a reference list of candidates for the succeeding term. The directorship is voluntary and the term is three years with possible reぬelection; the chairman of the board can only be reぬelected once. The Board is in charge of planning for and promoting the Association, implementing decisions made in the Members Convention, handling budgets and accounts, and other affairs described in the regulations.

    For the execution of tasks, the Board of Directors has staff commissions conducting relevant researches to help plan goals and implement projects. At the moment there are 11 standing commissions and various task groups under the system, which can be expanded when necessary.
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