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  • Foundation
    In 1968, there weren’t many hospitals in Taiwan. Most hospitals were provincial ones with only 100 to 200 beds. Acute beds were scarce resources and it was not uncommon for patients to crowd the emergency room, waiting to be hospitalized. In light of the importance of the American Hospital Association to hospitals in the US and the potentially huge demand for hospitals and acute beds in Taiwan in the future, Mr. Chang Jinぬwen visited Professor Chiu Shiぬrung, superintendent of the National Taiwan University Hospital, to propose the founding of a hospital association to improve the standards of medical management in Taiwan. Superintendent Chiu, the most important leader of the hospitals then, promised to summon hospitals to join the association. The Association of Hospital Administration of the Republic of China, predecessor of the Taiwan Hospital Association, was eventually founded on June 17, 1967, with representatives from all levels of hospitals: Director Wang JinぬMao representing national hospitals, Director Lin Liuぬhsin representing municipal hospitals, and Deputy Director Chang Jinぬwen representing private hospitals. Later, on November 20, 1967, the association was certified by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, registered as “TaiwanぬInteriorぬSociety No. 255109.” The founding assembly was convened on January 6, 1968, starting the official functioning of the association.
  • Changing the Title of the Association
    The Association was certified by the Ministry of Internal Affairs on November 20, 1967, titled “Association of Hospital Administration of the Republic of China,” but internationally the Association has always used “The Hospital Association of the Republic of China” as its official English title. In order to better connect with international medical affairs, association members voted to “officially” change the title to “The Hospital Association of the Republic of China” in 1996. However, to avoid confusion over the use of “China” in the participation of international affairs, the Association gradually replaced its title with “Taiwan Hospital Association.” In 2003, since the Association’s involvement in professional international organizations, such as the International Hospital Federation (IHF) and Asian Hospital Federation (AHF) has been under the title, “Taiwan Hospital Association,” association members voted to change the Chinese title in accordance with its English counterpart for consistency.
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