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  • Founding Vision
    The founding vision of the Taiwan Hospital Association (THA) aims at promoting public welfare by coordinating the activities of hospitals in the nation to improve hospital standards and provide better services to patients.
  • Key Missions
    Guided by the founding vision, THA focuses on the following key missions:
    1. Act as a window for hospitals nationwide regarding healthcare policy:
      • To initiate policy negotiation mechanism and form a platform of policyぬmaking communication between the hospitals and the government.
      • To be the pivot for coordinating and integrating hospital systems and medical groups when communicating with the government
    2. Help actualize healthcare policy of the government.
    3. Act as a think tank and assist the government in medical policy implementation.
    4. Herald the overseas medical diplomacy of the government.
    5. Lead in hospital management and education.
    6. Promote hospital accreditation and quality improvement.
    7. Voice for hospitals and fight for their rights and survival.
  • Features of the Taiwan Hospital Association
    Under the leadership of previous presidents in accordance with organizational objectives, the Association has developed the following features since its foundation:
    1. Proactive:
      • Being the first choice of partner of the healthcare authorities in the establishment and development of medical policies.
      • Becoming the bridging media of communication and coordination between the government and hospitals around the country.
      • Supervising hospitals for implementing and improving projects relevant to hospital management.
    2. International:
      Representing the country to participate in international medical conferences, promoting international exchanges of medical skills, technology, administration and knowledge.
    3. Active:
      • Helping health authorities create and develop relevant policies.
      • Reflecting the hospitals〞 opinions and reaction towards medical policies.
    4. Educational:
      • Strengthening staff onぬjob education and training.
      • Encouraging staff innovation and development.
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